Flashback to 2020

Hi Penthouse family,

WOW! What a year 2020 was for EVERYONE!


We are all feeling very blessed to have had the least Australian restrictions and only a short window where we were unable to open. If you were following our social media accounts you would have seen all the #iso fun and lock down videos we made for everyone – and if you’re not you better start following now so you can see all of our future sexy antics 😉

Even though we had lots of fun making videos and interacting with everyone online we have lots more fun seeing you all in person and we are back and bigger than ever for 2021.

For all our returning friends you will already know we have 3 floors for fun times, non stop stage shows, private lapdance rooms, VIP booths and a world renowned top shelf bar. For those who really live life we offer membership packages and access exclusive events also – you can contact us or ask our ladies in red any time.

The best part of Penthouse Club Perth is that we cater for every need, online, in the club and even at your very own home. You can book a key girl of your choice to come to your very own private party in your home or another venue to waitress and party with you and your friends in lingerie, topless or nude.

We always go the extra mile to give you a smile!

Thank you from the bottom of our boobs (I would say hearts but our boobs are bigger) for all your love and support, we look forward to another epic year with you all,

Lots of love

Georgia Sparks