Miss Pink Erotica 2017

Wow, What an experience!!! I don’t know how many of you guys realise how much work goes into our show performances.

3 months of training in the gym, carb cycling, zero donuts, costume theme design, choreography, learning new tricks like eating fire, zero donuts, carpet burn from repeatedly doing floor work – did I mention ZERO DONUTS?! Anyway, now you know how donut deprived I was, the amazing Perth Penthouse Keygirls sponsored me to compete in the Miss Pink Erotica 2017 in Brisbane. Basically 13 hot AF bitches getting naked in themed costume pulling out all the bad ass moves to win a giant ass trophy and an amazing title.

The Shows!!!

Kiki Vidis- Watching her neck a 12″ dildo on stage made me want to forfeit on the spot – how do you compete with that! Lol!

Dallas Rayne- The show was an incredible and jaw dropping, Spartan themed one that oozed sex appeal!

Frankie J Blaze- Her army show was just insane, full airforce gear with a snow and confetti machine on stage, back flips, jump splits, she had it all! (no wonder she won!)

I came a decent third place, with my Harley Quinn themed show. I think I was the only girl who used fire in the show (sorry for burning your stage carpet Gary….)
I even literally ate fire and front flipped through and into it! Performing on stage is always such a thrill, the audience vibe was so uplifting and encouraging – I even got encored! (How can you follow eating fire and vaginal baptisms?) Frankie J Blaze is how you follow it up! Lol!

I want to give a massive shout out and thank you to Penthouse for sponsoring me to fly over and have an AMAZING experience, I can’t wait to represent them in future competitions!!

Much love Puddin’s!
MJ Montana xoxo

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