Hi everyone it’s Chelsea (a.k.a Sexy-Flexy and The Human Pretzel haha)

With summer FINALLY here, i’ve taken my stretching outdoors!

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ve seen my tiny bronzed bottom stretching out at the front of a boat on Perth’s beautiful Swan River!
Or if you’re a part of one the lucky sports clubs I attend, maybe you’ve had the pleasure of watching my toned naked body as I’ve taken your club through one of my famous nude yoga classes, the only type of yoga that i can guarantee most men will like… LOL!  I’m now taking on bookings for nude yoga… Don’t be scared, you don’t have to partake, you can just enjoy the view.

When i’m not stretching these long legs in front of a sports class, you can usually catch me showcasing my skills at many of the Penthouse Keygirls dance shows scattered around Perth.
Feel free to come up and say hi.. I especially like it when you tell me how much you enjoy my supple body.. it encourages me to bring out the special moves that I reserve only for my favourite few hehe!!
See you soon,

Chelsea xoxo20161209_1533360-min