Photos From a Hot Perth Stripper’s Camera Roll!

Hello people,

It’s Chante Jermaine!

My god what a week! Things over at Penthouse Keygirls have been crazy good (and crazy busy) lately but I couldn’t be happier. So the weekend passed and I finally found time to do some house work (which included attending to my “stripper room” that was starting to look like Hurricane Katrina had passed through it lol). I happened to stumble across one of my old iPhones (that to me was an excuse to have a break from sorting my stripper room out and have a browse through it). So I began looking through and THANK GOD no one else found it! I have so much crazy stuff on there! So I figured I would post some of it so you can see exactly what I mean. Stay tuned for next week’s blog…can you guess who will be blogging next?

Perth Stripper naked

Perth Strippers on stage